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                Since 1995, Orlandi Property Management has managed over 19,000,000 dollars of residential and commercial property in the Chelsea area. We have put together a team of experts in all facets of property management. With this team in force, Orlandi Property Management utilizes the necessary experts to service your needs. This will save you time and money. Some of our successful projects are listed below:

  • Building Conversion

   Converted a six unit building into (2) three unit buildings. Once this project was completed, the value of the           project increased by 100%.

  • Land Development

   Converted a non-income producing piece of vacant land into an income-producing parking lot.

  • New Construction

   Built from the ground up, a six unit condo complex (Chestnut Place).

  • Commercial Space Conversion

   Converted a non-income producing commercial space into a state of the art, income producing Laundromat.

Meet Our Team

Daily manager:                                    Carl Orlandi         617-257-0377   carl@orlandipm.com

Construction:                                      Ricci Construction       603-436-3112  www.ricciconstruction.com

Consulting Engineer:                          John Ricci P.E.    603-234-9932  jricci@ricciconstruction.com

Real Estate:                                          Madelyn Garcia Real Estate   617-889-4800   madgarcia@aol.com

Mechanical & Plumbing:                    Caswell Mechanical      978-375-1891 caswellmechanical@hotmail.com

Electrical:                                              Vozella Electrical            617-889-0849 sonvozella@msn.com                                       

Legal:                                                     Kraft and Hall         617-884-4610   dmindlin@kraftandhall.com

Insurance:                                              Allan Insurance Agency       978-745-5905  jerrold@allaninsurance.com

Plumbing                                                Drews Plumbing    617-884-0007

So whatever your needs are dealing with your property, you can rest assure that Orlandi Property Management can help.  CONTACT US TODAY!



Member : Landlord Protection Agency ;   NARPM           
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